August 11 1969,

Diana Ross invited the media to Daisy’s Disoc in Beverly Hills and introduced Motown’s newest act, Jackson 5, Barry Gordy predicted that the J5’s firth three singles would #1

September 1969,

The J5’s first TV appearance was the 1960 Miss Black American Pageant, they performed ‘It’s Your Thing’

October 1969,
Suzanne de Passe helped mold the J5 for Motown and their image for the public

October 18 1969,
Dianna Ross introduced the J5 to America on ABC’s The Hollywood Palace Special.

November 1969,
Studio recording of “I want you back” is released. Raises to #1 in the pop charts

December 14 1969,
Appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and sang “I Want You Back”

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