Jackson Brothers - 1970
1970 was an important year for the Jackson 5

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  January 1970
Appeared on American Bandstand and
sang “ABC” The J5 received a personal
Gold Disc Award for sales.

February 24th 1970
The studio recording of “ABC” is released on vinyl with “The Young
Folks” on the B-side. ABC soon became a number 1 hit.

May 5th 1970
The J5 held their first concert as Motown
artists at the Philadelphia Civic Centre.

May 16th 1970
“The Love You Save” makes it’s way to number
1 after it’s release to vinyl.

  May 19th 1970
The J5 performed the Los Angeles
Forum with an audience of over
18,000. Girls stormed the stage
and the concert was stopped until
they were escorted off.

June 1st 1970
The J5 appeared on their first cover of
Soul Magazine.

August 15th 1970
The J5 performed the Jim Nabors Hour.

September 1970
The J5 sang “The National Anthem” at the World Series a Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio.

October 19th 1970
First national tour began with a concert at the Boston Gardens.

October 16th 1970
Concert: New York, Madison Square Garden – a completely
sold out show!

October 17th 1970
Concert: Detroit, Olympia Stadium on the same day that “I’ll Be There” hits #1 on the pop charts and the J5 became the first group to have four consecutive #1 hits.

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