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Dancing Machine

RELEASE USA September 5, 1974
PRODUCED BY Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson, Hal Davis, Brian Holland
ARRANGERS Samuel Brown, Jerry Marcellino, Michael L. Smith, Arthur Wright, David Blumberg, JOhn Bahler, Mel Larson
RECORDING LOCATION Recorded at Motown Recording Studios, Hollywood, Ca.
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1 I Am Love 7:29
2 Whatever You Got, I Want 2:58
3 She’s a Rhythm Child 2:39
4 Dancing Machine 2:43
5 The Life of the Party 2:35
6 What You Don’t Know 4:25
7 If I Don’t Love You This Way 3:28
8 It All Begins and Ends With Love 3:07
9 The Mirrors of My Mind 3:08