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Joyful Jukebox Music

RELEASE USA October 26, 1976
PRODUCED BY Hal Davis & The Corporation
ARRANGERS Larry Muhoberac, Dave Blumberg, Sam Brown III, Fonce Mizell, Gene Page, James Carmichael, Arthur Wright, John Bahler, Greg Poree, Freddie Perren, Dave Blumberg, The Corporation
RECORDING LOCATION Mixed and mastered at Motown Recording Studios, Hollywood, California
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1 Joyful Jukebox Music 3:15
2 Window Shopping 2:47
3 You’re My Best Friend, My Love 3:24
4 Love Is The Thing You Need 3:05
5 The Eternal Light 3:13
6 Pried and Joy 3:13
7 Through Thick and Thin 2:42
8 We’re Here To Entertain You 3:02
9 Make Tonight All Mine 3:19
10 We’re Gonna Change Our Style 2:46