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Moving Violation

RELEASE USA May 15, 1975
PRODUCED BY Hal Davis, Brian Holland, Mel Larson, Jerry Marcellino
ARRANGERS Arthur Wright, John Bahler, David Blumberg, Mel Larson, Samuel Brown, Jerry Marcellino, Michael L. Smith
RECORDING LOCATION Recorded at the Motown Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California
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1 Forever Came Today 6:23
2 Moving Violation 3:37
3 (You Were Made) Especially for Me 3:28
4 Honey Love 4:40
5 Body Language (Do the Love Dance) 4:07
6 All I Do Is Thnk of You 3:17
7 Breezy 3:38
8 Call of the Wild 2:33
9 Time Explosion 4:13