"Jacksonmania" sweeps the nation in 1971
as The Jackson 5 appear in TV specials, have their own cartoon, and create their own J5 merchandise, including items such as stickers, posters and coloring books. The Jackson 5 return home to Gary, Indiana for the first time since moving to California, and Michael begins a spin-off solo career with Motown, releasing his first single, ‘Got To Be There.’
March 29th 1971
The Jackson 5 are interviewed on the Stephanie Edwards Show.
April 18th 1971
The Jackson 5 appear on Diana Ross’ 1st solo TV special, Diana!


Summer 1971
The Jackson 5 embark on their second tour consisting of 40 dates.
July 16th 1971
The Jackson 5 go back on tour with a new opening act, “The Commodores.” First stop is Madison Square Garden.
October 1971
The Jackson 5 make the cover of Right On! Magazine and in the same month get a mention in Flip!
November 4th 1971
The Jackson 5 appear as guests on the Flip Wilson Show.
September 1971
The Jackson 5 appear on the cover of September’s Ebony and Creme magazines.
Tour Dates
July 17th 1971 Charleston, Civic Arena
July 18th 1971 Hampton, Hampton Roads Coliseum
July 20th 1971 Charlotte, Coliseum
July 21st 1971 Toledo, Sports Arena
July 24th 1971 Cincinnati, Riverfront Coliseum
July 25th 1971 Detroit, Olympia Stadium
July 27th 1971 Flint, Coliseum
July 28th 1971 Fort Wayne, Allen County War Memorial
July 30th 1971 Pittsburgh, Civic Arena
July 31st 1971 Baltimore, Civic Arena
August 1st 1971 Raleigh, Dorton Arena
August 2nd 1971 Macon, Coliseum
August 7th 1971 Columbia Coliseum
January 1971
The first book about the Jackson’s “The Jackson 5” by author Ellen Motoviloff is released.
January 31st
The Jackson 5 perform at West Side High School in their hometown of Gary, Indiana – their first time home since moving to California.
March 16th 1971
‘ABC’ is nominated for the Best Pop Song Grammy award.
July 23rd 1971
The Jackson 5 performs for a crowd of 80,000 at the Lake Michigan Festival.
September 11th 1971
The Jackson 5 cartoon airs on ABC for the first time. Their voices aren’t used, but their music is. ‘Mama’s Pearl’ becomes the theme song for the show.
September 19th 1971
The Jackson 5’s TV special “Goin’ Back to Indiana,” based on their recent tour by the same name, airs on ABC. The show also features comedians Bill Cosby and Tommy Smothers.
August 10th 1971 Tampa, Curtis Hixon Hall
August 11th 1971 Birmingham, Municipal Auditorium
August 13th 1971 Kansas City, Municipal Auditorium
August 14th 1971 St. Louis, Keil Auditorium
August 15th 1971 Memphis, Mid-south Coliseum
August 18th 1971 Tulsa, Assembly Center
August 20th 1971 Denver, Coliseum
August 22nd 1971 Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl
August 28th 1971 Columbus, Ohio State Fair
August 29th 1971 Des Moines, Iowa State Fair
August 31st 1971 Toronto, Canadian National Exhibition
September 9th 1971 Detroit, Michigan State Fair
September 12th 1971 Honolulu, Honolulu International Center Arena