Jackson 5 mania continues over the pond in
While there, they break the attendance record set by The Beatles at the Liverpool Empire Theater and perform a concert for the Queen! 1972 is a great year for brothers, especially Michael and Jermaine. Jermaine begins his solo career with his single “Daddy’s Home” and Michael sings the title track for the motion picture, Ben.
January 12th 1972
Two concerts to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday are held at City Auditorium, Atlanta. The Supremes also performed.
The Jackson 5 receive the NAACP’s Image Award for Male Vocal Group of the Year.
March 1st 1972
The Jackson 5 perform ‘Sugar Daddy’ and ‘Got To Be There’ on Hellzapoppin.
September 1972
The brothers are interviewed for an issue of Teenstar magazine.
September 11th 1972
The Jackson 5 appear on British music show Top of the Pops and perform “Lookin’ Through the Windows.’
October 15th 1972
The Jackson 5 perform on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.
October 19th 1972
The Jackson 5 appear on The Flip Wilson show for the second time.
Tour Dates
January 1st 1972 Nashville, Municipal Auditorium
January 2nd 1972 Greenville, Greenville Memorial Auditorium
February 12th 1972 St Louis, Kiel Auditorium
March 26th 1972 Shreveport, Hirsch Memorial Coliseum
March 27th 1972 New Orleans, Municipal Auditorium
March 29th 1972 Tampa, Curtis Hixon Hall
March 31st 1972 Jackson, State Fair Coliseum
April 1st 1972 Memphis, Mid-South Coliseum
April 16th 1972 The J5 appeared on the cover of Spec
June 30th 1972 New York, Madison Square Garden
July 1st 1972 Baltimore, Civic Center
July 2nd 1972 Norfolk, Coliseum
July 7th 1972 Richmond, Richmond Coliseum
July 8th 1972 Charlotte, Coliseum
July 9th 1972 Greensboro, Coliseum
July 14th 1972 Cincinnati, Cincinnati Gardens
July 15th 1972 Pittsburg, Civic Center Arena
July 16th 1972 Cleveland, Public Auditorium
July 18th 1972 Chicago, International Amphitheatre
July 19th 1972 Chicago, Amphitheatre
July 21st 1972 Tusla, Civic Center
July 22nd 1972 Dallas, Memorial Auditorium
July 23rd 1972 Huston, Coliseum
July 24th 1972 New Orleans, Municipal Auditorium
May 1972
Lookin’ Through The Windows’ releases in North America.
July 20th 1972
Chi Drummer writes in the Chicago Daily News “I saw him and his brothers put on their pandemonium-prone show Tuesday night at the International Amphitheater. And what a show it was.”
September 1972
The Jackson 5 perform at the Black Push Expo & Save The Children Concert.


September 1972
The Jackson 5 receive special commendations from the US Congress for being positive role models for youth.
November 1972
A crowd, the size of Beetle mania, gathers at Heathrow airport to greet The Jackson 5. While in England, they break the attendance record set by The Beatles at the Liverpool Empire Theater.
November 11th 1972
The Jackson 5 Variety Show airs for the first time.
November 12th 1972
Before leaving England, The Jackson 5 hold a Royal Command concert for Her Majesty, the Queen Mother.
November 18th 1972
The Jackson 5 perform at the NAACP fundraiser in Hollywood.
June 30th 1972 Chicago, Amphitheatre
August 4th 1972 Columbia, Carolina Coliseum Arena
August 5th 1972 Atlanta, Municipal Auditorium
August 6th 1972 Nashville, Municipal Auditorium
August 8th 1972 Savannah, Civic Center
August 12th 1972 Washington, Constitution Hall
August 13th 1972 Charleston, Civic Center
August 17th 1972 Louisville, Kentucky State Fair
August 18th 1972 Kansas City, Municipal Auditorium
August 19th 1972 St Louis, Kiel Auditorium
August 20th 1972 Indianapolis, Indiana State Fair
August 22nd 1972 Sedalia, Missouri State Fair
August 25th 1972 San Francisco, Cow-Palace
August 26th 1972 Los Angeles, Forum
August 27th 1972 San Diego, Sports Arena
August 29th 1972 Honolulu, Honolulu International Center Arena
Nov 2nd 1972 Amsterdam, Netherlands, Concertgebouw
Nov 4th 1972 Munich, Germany, Circus Krone
Nov 5th 1972 Frankfurt, Germany, Stadthalle Offenbach
Nov 6th 1972 Paris, France, Olympia
Nov 9th 1972 Birmingham, England, Odeon
Nov 10th 1972 Manchester, England, Bellevue
Nov 11th 1972 Liverpool, England, Empire