The future of the band known as “The Jackson 5”
is uncertain in 1975 as Joe Jackson negotiates a new contract with CBS Records. But the year continues with performances around the globe including The West Indies and Mexico City.
Februay 18th 1975
The Jackson 5 are invited to perform once again at the American Music Awards.
March 8th 1975
Jetsetting back to Caribbean, The Jackson 5 are joined by Bob Marley and Wailers for a show in Kingston’s National Stadium in Jamaica.
March 16th 1975
Michael leads the group through ‘I Am Love’ on The Cher Show.
July 6th 1975
The Jackson 5 headline the Westbury Music Festival.
September 1st 1975
The boys play a Labor Day concert at the Memorial Stadium in Mount Vernon.
October 5th 1975
Soul Train welcomes the The Jackson 5 once more. The set list the night is ‘Forever Came Today,’ ‘All I Do is Think Of You,’ ‘One Day In Your Life,’ and ‘We’ve Got Forever.’
December 1975
The band makes their final television appearance as “The Jackson 5” when their Mexico City Show is broadcast live on American TV.
January 1975
The Jackson 5 kick-off the New Year with a tour of the West Indies.
January 25th 1975
The second appearance of The Jackson 5 on The Carol Brunette Show airs, featuring The Life Of The Party and a tribute to soul musicians, like the Mill Brothers, Andrews Sisters, The Supremes, and Sonny and Cher.
February 2nd 1975
Back home in America, the brothers stop by Radio City Music Hall in New York for a welcome home show.
June 11th 1975
The Jackson 5 perform in Chicago, which neighbors their hometown of Gary, Indiana.
June 14th 1975
‘Moving Violation’, the last Jackson 5 album by Motown, is released.
June 30th 1975
Joseph Jacksons announces that The Jacksons’ are moving to CBS when their contract expires with Motown. “The Jackson 5” would become “The Jacksons” when their Motown contract expires in 1976.