The 90’s keep the brother’s busy raising their own families. But stardom comes knocking again in 1997 when The Jackson 5 are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – presented to them by Diana Ross.
October 23rd 1990
“My Family, The Jacksons” by Katherine Jackson is published.
February 8th 1992
Over 300 people attend an auction at Oxnard in California to bid for articles belonging to Michael and The Jackson 5.
November 15th & 18th
“The Jacksons – An America Dream” is screened, the five-hour mini series is about the lives of The Jacksons’. It becomes the most-watched mini series of any TV station in the last 3 years.
February 1993
“The Jackson’s – An American Dream” is released on video cassette.
February 19th 1994
“The Jackson Family Honors” takes place in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel.
February 22th 1994
“The Jackson Family Honors” is aired. All profits are donated to the family’s non-profit charity, Family Caring For Families.
August 1997
The Jacksons are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.