Who You Came To See, the intro to Dealz’ self-titled debut album, captivates you as soon as soon as it begins; when the first beat drops, you know you‘re in for a ride. With each verse, we quickly learn that Dealz’ passion for music is matched by only his obsession for cars and bikes. His lyrics are filled with colorful images of custom bikes, performance built engines and muscle cars; you can feel the energy in his music. Dealz hails from Los Angeles, or, as he would say, “Home of Lost Angels, where Ballers Play”. Although he was born and lived all over L.A., he has also lived in New York, where he was introduced to many of his East Coast influences. In love with the underground scene, Dealz began following artists such as Mobb Deep and Jadakiss. In addition to traditional influences from industry counterparts, Dealz draws plenty of inspiration and direction from long established artists and pioneers in the entertainment industry.

Growing up in the music industry provided Dealz with experiences and business relationships that have helped him to grow into the artist he is today. Dealz has an innate sense for music – it‘s in his genes. So while he studied his favorites: DMX, Tupac, Biggie, Ja Rule, he also carries a wide appreciation for old classics like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and of course, the Jacksons – who hold both a personal and professional influence. With a growing fan base, Dealz’ voice is heard from America to Europe. Familiar with the success of his family, Dealz is ready to give the industry a new breed of competition. As he states in They Call Me DEALZ, he’s got “plans to be worldwide, nothin less – no shorts”. Dealz released his debut single “That’s How I Feel” featuring Jackie and Jermaine Jackson on February 28th, 2011. Dealz made his first national tv debut on the Mo’Nique show May 4th.


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Internet releases

Climb Till You Fall (2010)
All I Wanna Do (feat. Jackie) (2010)
Baller Shit (2010)


2300 Jackson Street (The Jacksons,
2300 Jackson Street, 1989)
Sex Appeal (Tredox Mix) (3T feat. Dealz, 2003)
Gimme Some More (Pati, Think Of Me, 2004)


On Me (2003)
No Fear (2003)
On The Floor (2003)
Deal With It (2005)
When I Come Thru (2005)
Downfall *
50 Mil Posted *
4 Da Bucks *

* Snippets of the original track were featured on the official 2003-2005 website

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